KCNA Fires Back at Hillary Clinton

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un smiles, and according to the latest KCNA “report”, he has no reason not to.

The Korean Central News Agency, the official media organization for the DPRK in North Korea, responded harshly today to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s critical remarks earlier this week. Calling Clinton’s statement “reckless,” the KCNA retorted with a criticism of their own from an anonymous foreign ministry spokesman:

U.S. authorities are imprudently talking about [the] “human rights record” of the DPRK and “the issue of its people’s living [conditions]” these days whenever an opportunity presents itself. Typical of them is U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton … [But] it is the U.S. where people’s livelihood and vital rights present themselves as serious problems, in fact, as 99 percent of its population is exploited by those who account for just one percent.

Hillary would be well advised to pay more attention to the … economic crisis and huge hordes of jobless people, which have become so serious that they may dash the hope of the … [Democratic Party administration’s] stay in power.

The KCNA also continued the North’s rhetoric of citing the “aggressive” and “hostile” nature of the U.S. as the main reason for the DPRK’s continued nuclear development, even going so far as to blame the U.S. for causing the issues facing the majority of North Korean people today:

It was the U.S. that has long antagonized and threatened the DPRK, compelling it to build defense capability to cope with it … [The U.S.] is, however, urging the DPRK to give priority to “people’s living [conditions].” This is a hypocritical act of causing illness and then administering medicine … It was an undying historical feat that leader Kim Jong-il protected the dignity and supreme interests of the country and nation and built the DPRK into a self-defensive military power which no aggressor’s forces dare to provoke.

Worst of all, the KCNA reports that Kim Jong-un is currently “wisely leading” the North Korean people, and, contrary to recent U.N. reports, claim that North Koreans “live well” and “desire nothing more in the world.” It appears that this prudent leadership is the choice to continue nuclear development at all costs, in order to protect the citizens from a (non-existent) U.S. invasion:

The DPRK will make sustained efforts to bolster its nuclear deterrent to guarantee the peace and security of the country and the nation as long as the U.S. persistently antagonizes it, in actuality, while saying that it has no hostile intent on the former.

Unfortunately, it seems that Clinton’s request for North Korea to begin denuclearizing and focus their economic efforts on their humanitarian crisis has fallen on deaf (or obstinate) ears; For, in the eyes of the official ideology of the North, Kim has already begun to pave the way for “economic construction” and has “improved” the standard of living. Although the west may not know much about the state of secretive North Korea, they can still recognize a blatant lie when they see one.

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